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“Alpha turnkey projects” being a member of Sariklakis Group of companies and part of “Thermokipia Kritis A.B.E”, is responsible for the design and the construction of houses and buildings in general.

By preserving and in need of taking absolute advantage of over 30 years of experience in the field of construction, “Alpha turnkey projects” was created. “Alpha turnkey projects” specializes on delivering projects, from blank paper to a readymade projects, “turnkey projects”.

«Turnkey projects»

“Alpha turnkey projects” is able to completely undertake a project, from the building permit to the last construction detail. The philosophy of the company is to simplify the procedure of the construction for the client and to eliminate the difficulties during the design and the construction of the project.

Always in close communication with the client

One of the most important concerns of the company is to achieve a very nice and smooth co-operation. Keeping personal and continuous communication with the client is the key to a successful co-operation. That is the main reason “Alpha turnkey projects” has expanded and preserving partners with selected engineers all over Greece in order to achieve the best possible communication and service for the client.

Wooden log houses consists the ideal solution for a country house on the mountain or close to the beach, for a house in the country or just a simple house in the field or the garden.

Major advantages of that kind of structure, apart from the woods insulation properties as material, are the speed of construction, the absolute minimum maintenance cost that requires, the easiness of hydraulic and electric installation and the lightness of the structure that result in to lower need of foundations.

Another very important and worth mentioned advantage is the resistance of the structure against fire. That is a result of the special treatment that the wood is undergoing off and the special paint that is used, which do not allow the fire to penetrate the wood but only to corrupt the outer surface of it. The result to those treatments is a very easy reinstatement of the structure which is limited to just a simple brush and paint of the walls.

This way of construction is the most popular in Greece, especially in the field of housing construction due to the following advantages:

  • It is economical due to the cheap and easy to find materials that it is produced from.
  • It is very flexible, useable and completely applicable to any kind of formwork.
  • It is very resistant to fire and mechanical corruption.
  • Monolithically constructions are achievable, which offer very high tolerances of safety and resistance, especially in seismic areas.

Steel framed buildings are gatheres to be one of the best and cutting edge construction solutions from a house to warehouses large industrial buildings.

According to the needs diffenet wall system is used.

Major advantage of steel and composite buildins consists the speed of construction, the easiness of installation, the lightnes of the structure and the flexibity of it. Ideal for new hotels and houses consists the construction of the future.

Solutions for every inquiry

Get in contact with us for more solutions. You are always welcome to discuss your project, which may be a new building, repairing and maintenance, deocration or even consulting for checking new properties to invest.